The shortest connection between two
points is a line – our guidelines.

Corporate philosophy and guidelines of the SI MASS company

Meet customer expectations!

Quality is the expectation and wish of our customers. Our customers expect us to deliver functional and durable school and office supplies in a timely manner. SI Mass Production success will only continue in the future, if we actively meet all customer expectations.

Building on strengths!

We have consciously opted to remain in our r Bad Wünnenberg location: „We are staying here and growing sustainably“. We also set an example for Germany as a production location. To do something better than others – to us this means: „Better quality, better service and always being one step ahead with forward looking technologies“. We have been concentrating on this strategy and strength since 1984 with continued expansion in the future.

Flexibility, product quality, competitive prices!

With our standard products and custom-made products, our goal is to meet even the most unusual customer requirements in a short period of time. Flexibility in production and delivery, high quality finished products and competitive prices are basis for success. Thus, we try to meet the requirements of the commercial and retail trade.

Continuous improvement!

Constant improvement is the top priority in all areas and processes of the company. This applies to quality, productivity, manufacturing processes, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency as well as the avoidance of negative environmental impacts. Compliance with laws, regulations and official requirements is a matter of course. We are aware of the connections between qualification, motivation and company success.

Quality management!

We ensure our quality with a QM system. Our QM manual is the basis for modern quality assurance. Each employee of SI Mass Production is familiarized with its contents and meanings.

Meet promised deadlines!

The adherence to the dates promised to our customers has a very high priority. This requires clear and unambiguous information, which is understood by every employee and thus leads to the final realization of the customer’s wishes. If, in spite of all efforts, postponements are unavoidable, the customers are promptly and comprehensively informed.

Reach the goal together!

We provide all necessary information and resources to achieve a goal-oriented further development. We enhance our contact with customers, suppliers and employees in order to create a fair partnership in the long term.

Take responsibility!

Our employees are the central component of our company. That is why we attach great importance to occupational safety and collegial interaction. We also procure natural materials for our FSC™ products (FSC™ C128148) that out
comes from exemplary managed, FSC™ -certified forests and other controlled sources. In this way, we support sustainable forest management with regard to economic, ecological and social standards as well as the use of recycled materials.

Pay attention to sustainability!

We strive to implement all areas of economic, social and environmental sustainability as an integrated strategy. We see this approach not as a goal, but as an ongoing process and are pleased to be able to continue developing this ambition in all areas of the company with great commitment.

All employees of the SI MASS company
are called upon to internalize our principles
and to implement them in their daily work.